Services offered by our company:



Development of  biosafety and sanitary-hygiene norms in farms. Preparing  disinfection, disincection and deratisation schedules

Effective programs of vaccination

  • Preparing vaccination scheme for broilers
  • Preparing vaccination scheme for broiler breeders.
  • Preparing vaccination scheme for layers.
  • Preparing vaccination scheme for domestic chicken

Audit and monitoring of farmers and hatcheries

  • Audit of hatcheries through the CHICK program.
  • Audit of layers farm through the EGG program.
  • Audit and monitoring of broiler farm.
  • System of reporting.

Laboratory research

  • Implementation of serologic researches.
  • Implementation of polymerase chain reaction (PCR).
  • Implementation of mycotoxins research in food.
  • Defining composition of raw materials and final food product (namely: protein, fat, starch, moisture, cellulose, ash, sodium, phosphorus and calcium.