Consultation by phone/ Veterinary Service in distance:

          Our specialists will provide you with the comprehensive consultation regarding your companion animals health prevention and targeted treatments, you will be recommended with a good doctor in your preferred veterinary clinic or you will be directed to the mentioned clinics according anamnesis.

We also offer you consultations on the following topics:

  • Dog /cat treatment on parasites (worms, fleas, mites, barkers, insects).
  • Dog /cat vaccination scheme;
  • Dog / cat Hygiene, grooming, toilet, stroll;
  • Animal ethology - behavior and their peculiarities;
  • From what age do we teach commands to dogs (according to races);
  • How to take the dog / cat to another country (required documentation and health certificate);
  • Where to buy a dog / cat;
  • How to get the dog / cat  health certificate (passport)