CEVA & BIOMIN International Poultry Masterclass

On May 2, 2019, at Holiday Inn Hotel, an international poultry master class was organized by the company Invet.
The main topic was - "Bird's respiratory diseases (Newcastle disease, infectious bronchitis, mycoplasmosis) and an effective strategy on how to reduce the use of antibiotics in poultry production"
The master class trainers were invited specialists from Europe:
1) Sergei Chuseinov – Biomin, Eastern Europe Manager / Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.
2) Martinas Genesis - Seva, Poultry Expert / Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.
3) Mark Karim - Biomin, Poultry Sales Manager / Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.
4) Davit Sirbiladze – INVET, Head of Poultry Department
The guests of the seminar were the following companies: Chirina Ltd., Kumisi XXl Ltd., Dila Products Ltd., Poultry Georgia Ltd., Patardzeuli Ltd., Sagarejo Ltd. and others.
The masterclass generated big interest to the invited guests and they were given official certificates.