The role of veterinary in breeding development is important

Shalamberidze: The role of veterinary in breeding development is important
Was published in the magazine "Agrarian Georgia"
No. 4 (24) April 2013

"Inveti" Ltd. has been in the forefront of importing veterinary medicines and vaccines in Georgia for more than ten years, but also with local partners in pharmaceutical and food processing and its products have a lot of pulses. The service center at the company is newly developed, professional veterinary, which mainly serve the farmers, is studying the position of the whole country throughout the country, supervises and training farmers. The director of the company Mr. David Shalamberidze has had a lot of experience in this period together with his experiences.

- Mr. David, what do you think about the situation in veterinary medicine in the country?
"There was nothing in the veterinary years, - moreover, that was destroyed and destroyed," says Mr David.
Livestock farming develops in the fields of farmers and peasants, farmers are relatively few and controlled by diseases. If they have their activities, the country's market will be supplied with local meat and dairy products. But in peasant farms is a very difficult situation. There is no information about the disease, if the population has a desire to take preventive measures and the loss caused by it is calmly absorbed. This is, of course, a threat to farming farmers, because in case of disease the farmer can not carry meat and can not afford dairy products. Previously, this law was not regulated by the law and no state program existed. Cattle disease "Turkish" two years ago, it is a disease that does not kill the cattle, but it does so from the animal's condition that its productivity and production are actually null. It covered almost every region of Georgia. Imagine what kind of damage the population suffered, and this led to no preventive measures.


- The state did not take preventive measures, did the cattle have not shifted?
- Vaccinations were conducted only in the border zones, with the financing of the "Fa'os", the nomadic cattle inside the country remained unsolved. The state did not take the necessary measures in that period. Last year, in the autumn, massive vaccination was carried out in Georgia and the result was not 100%.
Also happened with the bird, last year's "chicken plague" appeared in the poultry neiglas disease, and the entire Georgia was covered. Many birds were killed. African fever destroyed the pigeon and so on. Overall, there is a big problem in veterinary medicine. Otherwise, the strains of virulent viruses, or even farms, are needed to use strict methods. As you know, it is difficult to monitor the situation in the population. In this connection we have decided to introduce a high-tech vector vaccine (VECTORMUNE HVT NDV), which provides a 72-week hazard immunization, literally over a year, with foreign partners. We want this technology to be introduced in incubators, and as a result farmers and peasants will buy vaccinated chicks and this problem will be removed.


- Mr. David, today is talking about the development of all agriculture, do not plan new projects on veterinary medicine to develop this field?
- Recently the Food Safety Agency has created an idea to create a commission that will be staffed by scientists, veterinary veterans, private sector representatives who will work on the issues that are worse for the population, small and large farmers, and I think the big work should come to the Georgian scientists in this commission, Because the research institute Bi was canceled, thanks to God, we still have these people and to try to use scientific potential. Let's give these people the opportunity to look at veterinary, especially if the Georgian cows are unique in their data, especially stronger immunity to infections. The previous government has spent millions on bringing cultural varieties, but unfortunately today there is no longer a living, we can not stand our conditions. Europe has good conditions, improved sanitation, veterinarians at high levels. The more the cultivated variety, the more weaker it is. We could have spent this money in another direction, even if we were choosing local varieties.
I think the law should promote the development of any field, but the vaccination of the animal or bird is not only dependent on the owner's permission, but everyone should realize that in case of non-vaccination, the precedent of the infection is created, the threat of the disease and the other Dangerous Okay. But as long as our population does not have a culture, the law should work. In any country the law requires the farmer or peasants to perform the vaccination programs recommended by the state. Use it. At the time of the Communists it was high, then the vaccine was free and the breeding was developed. Today, we have no small production in the former CIS countries of livestock and rural farm products. According to last year's statistical data, local production of chicken meat is 30% and 70% - import. Beef meat is about 60% local, and the rest is imported, pork meat - 85% imports and 15% local. Milk is about 20-25% of the local, the rest of the import, it's rough data, but it's about so. That is a tragic fact. We are an agricultural country, we have natural alpine zones where the most valuable, ecologically clean product is produced. In our country, if the intensive development of poultry and livestock will begin, it will result in the revival of many other areas such as: breeding, veterinary, food production, construction, etc. We have a great potential.
There are some shifts after coming to the new government, but nobody has listened to you, but already there is a lot of attention on agriculture, many projects or projects have been developed and I think we will go ahead and promote farming and breeding, and in general rural development in Georgia.


- How do veterans deal with, we have prepared and enough veterinarians?
In fact, the state veterinarian in Georgia was virtually crippled. In fact, every village has its own veterinarian, the expenses of vaccination of "Turki", jute and rabbits are already in the budget and will be replaced by large-scale cattle. Brucellosis is also a big problem in the country, for it is necessary to develop its anti-inflammatory program, because brucellosis is a disease that can not be eliminated by vaccination alone, requires long lasting measures. Other infections are also a big problem, which affects farmer farmers.
Veterinary practical training that directly affects human health. Animal products, meat, milk and dairy products, eggs are safe for human beings, it is necessary to control the veterinary control at all levels, so it is necessary to promote different programs and projects in this regard, breeding will be developed in Georgia, economics will be held in the country and the country.


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