The role of probiotics in the XXI century

From 2006 to the US and Europe, a law was established to ban antibiotics as growth stimulators in livestock, poultry and fisheries. Antibiotics have been restricted to the treatment of medicines in the farms, controlled by a certified veterinary doctor, which means antibiotics are needed by recipes and strictly adheres to the timing of the drug in the flesh, milk, eggs and honey. Unfortunately, such regulations have not yet been enacted in Georgia under the law and accordingly the animal products do not correspond to the study of antibiotics.


All this was due to the fact that there was a huge danger of the detection of microbes that were resistant to antibiotics. This concerns not only animals but also microorganisms that cause human disease.


The world attaches great importance to the ecologically safe production of allergic, oncological and other diseases that threaten the human and animal health. In many countries and among the Georgian population increased demand for the production of a pure, ecologically safe and biologically quality breeding "pure product". For the sake of maximum restriction of antibiotics and other chemical substances and introduction of biological products in the farms.


live microbial probiotics augmentations that have a positive effect on the intestinal microflora of animals and birds in the body and promote digestion process optimizatsias.probiotikebi characterized as a prophylactic and therapeutic gastrointestinal mokmedebit.aseve antibiotics and other powerful drugs caused by chickens and pigs d zianebuli normalize bowel, digestion and uptake of nutrients. probiotics are widely used in non-specific immune stimulation, prevention and treatment of gastro-intestinal infections, alimentary etiology violation of digestion, which is often caused by: poor quality and unbalanced diet, and long-term antibiotics and uncontrolled sulfanamide medication, adverse ecological environment Technological violations and stress.


Features and benefits of probiotics:


  • It regulates the useful microflora in the intestines
  • Reduces intestinal pathogenic agents
  • Improves body weight growth
  • Strengthens food conversion and digestion
  • Reduces the flow of water from the intestine pores
  • Reduces the death of animals and birds
  • Does not have any contraindications and timing periods.


The veterinary company "Invet" offers the food supplements produced by the Austrian company "Biomin", Poulty Star, based on natural ingredients and includes Probiotics and Proteotics (Enterococcus sp, Bipidobacterium sp, Pediococcus sp, Lactobacillus sp). The Poulty Star is an optimal number of poultry and probiotics. Protects gastrointestinal harmful bacteria and diseases caused by them.


Davit Sirbiladze

Veterinary company "Invet"

Head of Consulting Group

/ Poultry expert