Recommendations for farmers of livestock sector

Livestock farming is one of the most important things in the rural morality that requires long-term and consistent approach. In order to develop one of the fields of livestock sector - cattle-breeding, it is important to modernize this sector.


According to the Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia we have approximately 1 300,000 cattle cattle, which is not a bad figure, but it is unfortunate that 75-80% of the total strength is low-productive. In addition, we have an unfavorable picture of milk production, where seasonality and low production are. During the year we have a stable milk production for 4-5 months, and in the remaining period there is a shortage of milk, therefore milk prices are changing and unsustainable, there is a growing demand for milk producers on crude milk. The principle of modernization of the sector lies in the fact that we have to improve farmers' efficient management systems that will enable us to significantly increase the volume of manufactured products so that supply and demand are balanced.


You know that the only and indivisible source of milk and meat is breeding. Milk and meat are the products of the substantially full and high nutritional value whose analogy is not in nature. It is welcome that the regulations set up in milk and meat production (in terms of food safety and quality) and initiated projects by the state encouraged the field of livestock. Several large farming farms have been created which are specialized in high quality products (imports from the EU and Baltic States), although it is small for development of the sector.


Most of the population involved in food production in our country is a small farmer. Family and small farmers will be successful if their management will be effective and strongly focused on the business, which will enable him to do his job on the principles of successful breeding grounds. The modern business-oriented farm is an essential tool that will help our farmers to increase productivity and maximize benefits.


Livelihoods and successes, as well as any other field of livelihood, are largely driven by the level of science of each of these fields, the efficiency of their study and recommended technologies. We have about twenty years in this direction, unfortunately we have not had any breeding / research activities and research activities against a number of diseases, moreover, the scientific research institute at the State Zoo and the Veterinary University of Georgia has been abolished and is liquidated, which is undoubtedly black spot Annie's latest history. Taking into consideration all of the above, the fastest and most important way to develop the sector is to share and implement the experience and technologies of successful countries. As you know, modern technologies are based on optimization of production. In successful and high-tech countries, we mean countries where investments in large-scale investments are made in technological innovation research.


Based on this principle, the company "Invet" works and operates. We have a permanent relationship with high-tech companies of the EU and the Americas, systematically taking part in international level conferences and forums, where we find scientific innovations, veterinary and livestock issues. Our company's mission is to enhance daily knowledge and enhance existing opportunities by ensuring our farmers with high quality products, services and veterinary services in Tbilisi and across the country.


In general, breeding and livestock development are three main factors:

  • Animal breed (genotype);
  • Full and balanced meals of animals;
  • Veterinary-sanitary measures, preventive and non-contagious diseases prevention / prevention.


I will shortly put them on their own and present the possibilities of our company to these factors.


An animal species (genotype) - a combination of hereditary markings that will be passed from parents. Cattle breeding is a traditional field for our country, our ancestors have been pursuing these fields for centuries and many unique varieties have been created as a result of festive breeding, as well as in other areas of cattle breeding. The situation created in a different sense in the field requires effective steps to achieve the desired result with long-term strategies. Sadly, our farmers' nutrients go to the unmistakable originous horticultural producers who are not tested for the quality of their offspring and have the potential of productivity. Accordingly, genetically and productive progress is impossible. The most common method of breeding of cattle is the absorption of local breeds with the best specialized varieties.


Our company cooperates with the Caucasus Genetics Company, which works in the field of breeding and artificial fertilization. The "Caucasian Genetics" offers farmers the artificial fertilization of all the major fauna and flourish species of deep frozen sperm. We are now working together on a synchronization project that will allow us to make artificial insemination more efficient and maximally safe from all risks. This method works successfully in highly developed countries, which is the most healthy method for breeding improvement.


The full and balanced feeding of animals is an important factor in the growth and development of animals, affecting its health and maximization of productivity. Animal nutrition and full-fledged nutrition is carried out by the age group of animals, living mass, productivity (seafront or factional) and storage conditions. Balanced meals mean that all the mineral substances and vitamins required by the organism are provided by animals.


The company "Invet" opened a small food producer mini-enterprise in 2012, which provides Georgian farmers with quality products. The goal of our company is to produce animal food with high molasses, protein and biologically active compounds. Please note that the receptacle of food and food supplements produced by our company is based on high-tech production nutrition systems. As you know, the use of modern methods of feeding gives a great result. Taking into consideration that the development of national production is a very important task for our company, the increased dynamics of realized products and the number of grateful customers have allowed us to expand the production scale. In the nearest future, the company will be able to offer high quality food to our farmers in the framework of the state program "Produce Georgia".


Veterinary-Sanitary Measures, Prevention and Prevention of Contagious Diseases

The animal has its own productivity in full health conditions. Livestock development is impossible without a sustained epistaxic situation and high veterinary-sanitation.


Veterinary-sanitary and zoogihenic activities are crucial in the emergence and spread of animal and non-communicable diseases. Often the conditions in the farm farms are prerequisites for the emergence of many contagious and non-contagious diseases. Therefore, farmers should not strive to strictly adhere to veterinary-sanitary and zoogian rules.


Vaccination is the best way to avoid cattle infection and spread the disease. The appropriate service of the livestock The disease of a turkey, a jerk, a nodular dermatitis, brucellosis (at the age of 4-8 months), the rest of the disease should be vaccinated by the owner of the animal, with the help of a veterinary doctor, such as the Emkar, Pasteurlose. Our company consulting team has developed a prophylactic vaccination program for cultivated farming, as well as for local farmers.


Among the invasive diseases are the most common helminthic diseases, mainly those that are fed to grown animals. The cost of farming depends on the goodwill towards helminthous diseases.


Our farmers want me to succeed and call oriented / motivated to progress / development, implement an effective management system and ensure healthy and competitive products. It is possible to respond to the challenges that we face today.


                                                                                                                                                                                                Guram Melkadze

The company "Invet" consultant

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