Broiler Vaccination Scheme (Ross 308 - Cobb 500)

The diagnosis of vaccination is based on the epidemiological condition of Georgia (according to infection - viral diseases in the bird). Georgia is now in a high risk group, because in neighboring countries. For example, in Azerbaijan it is observed in Newcastle disease strains (genotype VII d - Malaysia).


Offers vaccination scheme and best protection of the bird against viruses:


Cesc Vitabron L + B) Cevac IBird (Newcastle, Bronhite Classic Stomach, Local Immunology and Variant Strain) + c) Vectormune HVT NDV (Vera Vaccine against Marek and Newcastle) - New Generation, Vector Vaccine , Which is adopted by the latest technologies that circulate in the blood throughout the life of the vaccination and stabilizes No immunity for 72 weeks. + D) Transmune IBD (infectious bursitis) is an immuno complex vaccine infectious bursitis that starts a solid immunity when maternal antibodies are reduced.


A wide range of vaccination and early protection (vaccination in the incubator is not a stress for chicken).


Recycling on the farm:

10 days - New L (La Sota - live Newcastle, promotes local and humoral immunity). Vaccination Methods - Eyewear

14 days - Cevac Bron 120 + IBird (H 120, Immunity enhancement, crossing). Vaccination Methods - Eyewear

The scheme was drafted by specialists of infectious diseases of French company "Seva" and veterinary consultation group of Georgian veterinary company "Invet".


Davit Sirbiladze

Veterinary company "Invet"

Head of Consulting Group

/ Poultry expert