Animal New Combined Food Enterprise

Animal New Combined Food Enterprise
Interview with Director of "Invet" Company
Mr. David Shalamberidze

(Published in the magazine "Agrarian Georgia" №10 (18) October 2012)


What has been the reason for the opening of a new enterprise mini enterprise by "INVET"?
Company "Invet" has been doing business in Georgia for over 10 years. During this period, it was established in the field of veterinary medicine as one of the leading companies in the country who perform not only pharmaceutical medicines, vaccines and nutritional supplements, but also successfully carry out pharmaceutical drugs created by its scientific-consulting team, Naturally, as any ready and developing company, "Invette" does not try to achieve satisfaction. As a result of the study of the existing veterinary market, the management of the company decided to create a new food producer mini enterprise that provides Georgian farmers with quality and cheap products.
Who has invested in a mini enterprise?
As for the investments in the enterprise, it has been implemented by the company "Invet". To start production, the company had its own resources. However, the process of modernization of the enterprise is a permanent process that does not exclude involvement of other interested companies in the future. As for the equipment, Turkish, Ukrainian and Georgian specialists worked on the installation, installation and training of staff.
What is the enterprise project capacity?
The capacity of the enterprise is to produce 5 tons of food in 1 hour. I think that at this stage it is quite enough.
How Much Can You Offer Assortment?
The enterprise allows farmers to offer full and balanced food, taking into consideration poultry age groups. Accordingly, we are preparing "pressard", "start", "groove" and "finish" types. We try to replace the existing tradition based on the farmer's uneven, unbalanced feeding. Practice demonstrated the use of modern methods of feeding gives great results.
What is the difference between the new enterprises in Georgia similar to those of similar enterprises?
The main difference is that in the mini factory the most modern equipment is provided with software management.
It is also noteworthy that as a result of cooperation with foreign partners, we have provided them with the receptors of food prepared by leading veterinarians and dieticians working in Europe.
Along with high quality, the price of the products we produce is 10-15% cheaper than the existing analogues.
How much is it possible to prepare the specials with the recipient requested by the customer?
We can say that if you are doing such a practice, it is necessary to fulfill 2 conditions:
1. The order should be solid.
2. If the birds are ill and need to be moderated and not standard feeding.
Approximately how many percent are the raw materials purchased on the local market and if there is a possibility to increase the share?
At this stage, 70% of the raw materials used by us are manufactured in Georgia, but we try to increase this percentage in the future. Which, together with the activation of local raw material manufacturers, will result in the reduction of the price of the product we produce and the price of the sale. Accordingly, the products produced by "Invet" are popular in the Georgian market.
As every market, the Georgian market is very doubtful about any new and less proven product, but the confidence level of farmers formed after 10 years of cooperation is optimistic. In addition, the dynamics of increased turnover of the realized products from month to month and the number of grateful clients. Everybody knows that we keep the high brand of "Invet" brand as the main goal of our activities.

Is food ready for poultry if it can be prepared for example rabbit, pig or other domestic animals?
At this stage we prepare food for poultry, but if there is a demand we have developed special recipes that will give us very good results in both rabbit and pigs.
Whether the product of the products produced will be checked, whether the production of sanitary hygienic parameters is satisfied?
Regular control of the samples carried out in labs under the Ministry of Agriculture. Also, the quality of output produced is permanently checked as in the process of release and in case of storage.
What are your plans in the future?
All employees of the company "Invet" are well aware that "those who do not go in front of it will remain behind, there is no place to stand." We plan to establish more partnerships with more foreign companies, increase product range of medicines, increase farmers' service quality and geography, develop more flexible and optimal circuits, open new branches.
There are lots of plans that I hope will make our team successful.


Thank you very much, good luck.